In recent years, we have seen a lot of foreign investors, including big companies heading to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to set up their offices there. Besides China companies, Japan’s biggest manufacturers are also rushing to set up operations in Phnom Penh to make wiring harnesses for cars and touch screens and vibration motors for cellphones.

Political Stability 

Tenure of LandFreehold
Expected Date of Completion31 December 2020
Latest Sales85% Sold
  • Cambodia’s democratic administration is proactive in creating new trade and investment relationships with foreign governments throughout the world.
  • Cambodia’s government has launched an ambitious reform program and is continuing to improve the investment environment.


In an effort to better compete in the global market, Royal Government of Cambodia has liberalized export policies & licensing and implemented tax reforms providing various incentives to investors. The country has achieved one of the highest growth rates in the world and expects similar rates for the years to come.

  • GDP growth averaged 8% during the last 10 years
  • Stable exchange rate
  • Low inflation
  • Debt to GDP ratio 32.8% (at the end of 2013)
  • Low budget deficit
  • International reserves increased to US$ 4.1 billion (2013)


Location is everything. Cambodia is strategically located in the center of the east-west corridor of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), providing access to key world markets.

  • Sandwiched between 2 larger, more developed economics (Thailand & Vietnam) facilitating economic spillover
  • Midway between china and India
  • Along the Gulf of Thailand providing the country with ease of access to maritime trade

Land Price

Land Prices in Phnom Penh are rising as Cambodia is moving forward with its economy and prepares for the ASEAN integration. Land Prices had increased between 10 – 30% !

The Peak is located in the most strategic location in the heart of Phnom Penh – the Chomkar Mon District, and this is where we have seen the strongest appreciation in land price, for both residential and commercial land.

Cambodia property investment may not be for everyone, but those who said “I would have invested in Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore all those years back” would jump at the chance of securing it at the start !

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Phnom Penh Land Price

Rising Productivity 


Pro-Business government and favorable investment climate

  • 100% Foreign ownership, except land
  • Attractive investment incentives
  • No Capital Gain Tax

Enjoy the First Mover Price Advantage. Price for Cambodia Properties Is Still Very Attractive Compare to Neighbouring Countries, and Yet Have High Rental Yield.

The Peak Price

Top 12 Reasons to Invest in The Peak

  1. Macroeconomic stability. Cambodia’s developing economy has an anticipated high-growth outlook
  2. Stable exchange rate. Transacted in USD
  3. Low debt-to-GDP rate
  4. No exchange control
  5. Full ownership. Foreign investor can own 100% of their ownership and since year 2010, foreigners are allowed to own strata titled unit.
  6. Money can be easily transferred into and out of the country
  7. High GDP growth
  8. High rental yield of 8-10%
  9. Cambodia has many untapped natural resources such as popular tourism sites, mineral deposits, off-shore oil and gas.
  10. Enjoy first mover advantage, invest in the most luxurious development in Phnom Penh
  11. The Peak is a class above the others, integrated with worldwide well-known 5 Star Hotel – Shangri-La
  12. Developed by Singapore listed developer – Oxley with good track record

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